Sacrificial Living

Romans 16:1-2 speaks of a woman named Phoebe. Paul has such high regard for this woman. For how she has served the church and also how she has served Paul in his ministry. In reading about Phoebe one can’t help but look at her as an example. For so many men in the church it is easy for them to overlook these women in scripture. I just want you to take the time to look at the example that these women are, how we can learn from their example and seek to imitate them.

Mother to Motherless

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. A time in the year to celebrate the mothers in our lives that have helped us become the people that we are today. In this quick entry I want to propose another aspect to Mother’s Day that is all to often neglected.

Romans 16:13 “13 Greet Rufus, chosen in the Lord; also his mother, who has been a mother to me as well.”

In this verse is something very small, yet so impactful. A mother to me as well. So many can attest to women in their lives that have been mothers to them despite being their actual birth mother. They influence you and are nurturing towards you the way a mother is. But what about those who don’t have a mother? What about those who are a product of the system of the state? For Christians we should take a hard look this Mother’s Day at the ones without mothers. How can we help thousands of children that are under the foster care system and allow them to experience the nurturing love of a mother?