Daily Devotion- 1 Corinthians 2-4

Continuing 2 Corinthians.

We are continuing to look at Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth. I pray that you are encouraged by these chapters.

Read: 2 Corinthians 2-4

1. Longing to encourage (2:1-4). As we just covered chapter one, you and I both know the strong language that Paul used in that letter. There were many issues that Paul had to deal with. Paul had to be forceful in his language, to explain to them the authority by which he spoke. It was painful for him to have to write that letter. At this point, I imagine Paul felt the way I do when I have to discipline my children. Yet Paul did it out of love for them, just the way we discipline our children. 

2. Forgive others (2:5-17). In this previous letter, Paul wrote about a man that had taken his father’s wife. Not only was this wrong, but this was also public. The church had allowed this man to continue to live in his sin without confronting him. Paul told them to practice church discipline on him, now it seems that he is repentant. He is longing to be back with his church family, and they do not want to receive him back. We may think, why would they not bring him back? Have we not done the same thing? We may not have kicked someone out, but we sure don’t give people a new chance. We often neglect that aspect and keep them out or at an arms distance. 

3. The New Covenant Hope (3). Paul writes in this section, something tremendously deep. We’ve covered it before. Paul tells them of his credentials to proclaim the Gospel, that the Lord had called him, that it was not of his own. That he was to proclaim the New Covenant in Christ. This New Covenant is vastly different than the first. The first was a condemnation. The Law is meant to expose our sin, that it does well. In this Law, there is a glory to great to behold. Now, in the New Covenant, that glory is all the greater! That glory is found in Christ alone. 

4. The Great Gospel (4:1-6). This great truth and hope are not veiled. Instead, the god of this world has blinded man to see the truth of the Gospel. They walk in utter darkness, blinded from the light. As believers, we are called to be proclaimers of this great light. Let your light shine in the darkness. 

5. Treasure in Jars of Clay (4:7-18). This passage is famous for many Christians. In the ministry of Paul, we see that his ministry is based on the power of God. He has been stoned, afflicted, and many other calamities. In all of this, he continues to point to the Lord Jesus, that it is He that gets Paul to where he is going. It is the Lord that extends his days, it is the Lord that draws him to where he wants him to go. As believers, we must take great hope during these times to know and understand that the Lord is in control. We are here for a reason. You are in the community you are in for a reason. Shine the light of Christ!

Pastor Aaron

It’s the weekend

It’s the Weekend

As you may recall, weekend posts will be shorter and will cover both Saturday and Sunday readings.

Read: 1 Corinthians 14-2 Corinthians 1

Obviously, there is a lot in these chapters. I want to encourage you with one thought. 

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 “Blessed by the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

God brings us comfort and assurance in our time of affliction. In these times, we sure have afflictions. Though, the affliction is on everyone. Unlike everyone, you have comfort and assurance that others do not have. The hope of the Gospel is a great assurance and comfort. Use that hope and assurance to share with the lost. Also, remind believers of their hope in Jesus Christ.

Reminder, this Sunday, we have our first drive-in service. Join us on Sunday at 10AM. Tune into 101.3 in the parking lot, or facebook.com/SBCKY to watch it live on Facebook! Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday.

​Pastor Aaron

Daily Devotion- 1 Corinthians 13

Continuing 1 Corinthians.

The church in Corinth is one that has a unique story. I pray that you are encouraged through this journey. I want to give you a few encouraging points from these chapters.


Read: 1 Corinthians 13

The passage that we look at today is commonly associated with weddings. The context of this passage is not a wedding; instead, it is in the context of a church body. How we relate to one another. This is a very encouraging and convicting passage. As we think about opening up the church, I find that we have folks on every side of the situation. I want to ask you to read this and pray for this.


1. Useless without love (1-3). To have tremendous gifts from the Lord, to give away great wealth for the Lord, to have faith to move the mountains, and even to sacrifice our bodies for the Lord, is all worthless without Love. If you don’t love your brothers and sisters in Christ, these gifts are useless. I want you to think about that. We might think, but these are so useful, why does it matter if they don’t love? To do these things without Love is to do so in selfish ambition. The point is not the Lord, nor is it others. The end becomes about you. Paul then goes into what does it mean to love.


2. So what is Love (4-7)? Let us now look at the attributes of Love, compare them to your own life, see how you need to apply them to your own walk.


Patient: Right off the bat, I find a struggle. I find it hard to be patient with folks. When something seems evident to me, why isn’t it visible to them? To be patient is to lead someone. To be patient and walk with them is to love them.


Kind: In our culture today, we can take note of this for sure. Often when someone is in disagreement with us, we get combative. We feel that they do not like us. We’ve lost this word in our hearts. We will see later how we can be kind, but ask yourself, are you loving?


Does not envy: To be jealous of another. To love someone is to not be envious of them. If they have something that you so desire, you celebrate the Lord’s blessing of them. If they got the promotion you worked for, you would celebrate with them.


Does not boast: To boast is to try and spark envy in another. Paul’s boasting was always in his weakness and in the power of the Gospel. Our boasting must be in the grace of God, not in our own work.


It is not arrogant or rude: To be arrogant towards others is a sure sign of pride. To believe that you are better than others, shows you think too highly of yourself. To be rude is to not be considerate of others. Again, you show selfish ambition in rudeness.


It does not insist on its own way: This is one that Paul has talked about in other books. It can be said that this is the true marker of a believer. If you are always about your own way, you are not like Christ. We see this in Philippians 2:3-4 “3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” To love is to put your desires below another.


Does not rejoice in sin: To love someone does not rejoice in their failure. We do not hope, even secretly, that someone would fail. You do not talk with others to try and destroy them. We see this in gossip, we see this in our lack of support, this is prevalent in our culture today, I dare say, in many hearts. We must repent of this.


Rejoices in the truth: Instead, we rejoice in repentance! We rejoice when someone turns from their sin! We rejoice in the truth of the Word of God.


Love bears all things: We are to bear one another’s burdens. To walk with others, encourage others, help others. We do not do life alone, we do it as a family.


Love believes all things: We believe the WordWord fully. We give people the benefit of the doubt. We trust people.


Love hopes all things: We are hopeful that people will come to the Lord, we are hopeful that they will repent, we are hopeful in all of God’s promises.


Love endures all things: We will endure! It doesn’t matter what trial comes, it doesn’t matter what persecution, what matters is that we love. We love people through their sin, we love them through all.


3. Love never ends (8-10). All things will pass away. Spiritual gifts will pass away, prophecy will pass away, faith will pass away, but when Christ returns, all those things will be fulfilled! When those things are fulfilled, Love will remain! If we are to love we


4. No longer children (11-12). To love is to put away childish ways. What are childish ways? If you have children, or you’ve had children, you know that they are selfish. “Mine!” Children only think of themselves. Paul reasons, when I was a child, I acted like a child, now that I’m a man, I put away childish ways. I hate to say it, but some full-grown men and women are still children. They still only care for their wants. Friends, put away the childish ways, to be a man or woman, is fully loving.


5. The Greatest is Love (13). Faith, Hope, and Love. Of the three, only one will continue. When you die and meet the Lord, your faith is sight. When you stand before the Lord, your hope that you will one day be with Him will be fulfilled. When you stand before the Lord, your Love for Him will be perfected! Love will endure!


Friends, this passage was truly encouraging to me. I pray that you are encouraged as well. I truly love you, and miss you.
Pastor Aaron

Daily Devotion- 1 Corinthians 11-12

Continuing 1 Corinthians.

The church in Corinth is one that has a unique story. I pray that you are encouraged through this journey. I want to give you a few encouraging points from these chapters.


Read: 1 Corinthians 11-12


In these couple chapters, we do find some complicated issues. I pray that I can shed some light on them for you. I pray even more that you are impacted by the truth of God’s Word.


1. Be imitators of me (11:1). This has always been an inspirational text for me. Paul says, imitate me because I seek to imitate Christ. As followers of Jesus, we, too, should seek to imitate Christ. The question that I ask myself is my life worth emulating? Would I want someone to do as I do? Let our devotion to the Lord be as such.


2. Veiled heads (11:2-16). Many of us reading this email will have a hard time understanding this text. I want to give you an understanding of this text, knowing what is cultural, what is principles that we are to apply. When it comes to the subject of veils, it was common during the part of the world, as parts today, that women were to wear veils. Veils were a sign of decency and modesty. Women that went without were considered offensive and of ill-repute. For us today, we can think of appropriate attire. Men and women should wear clothing that is not revealing. In the first part of this text, Paul addresses the man as the head of the wife. This is something we’ve discussed before. I love how Matthew Henry, great theologian addresses this topic.


“Women were created from the rib of man to be beside him, not from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be trampled by him, but from under his arm to be protected by him, near to his heart to be loved by him.”


Men and women are created equal with unique and distinct roles. The purpose is not to divide, instead, to build up!


3. The Lord’s Supper (17-34). The Lord’s Supper is a subject that I’ve taught at our church before. It is something that I feel has been taken too lightly for too long. There has been lots of bad teaching when it comes to the Lord’s supper. In this section, Paul is addressing an issue within the church. They would come together and celebrate the Lord by having a meal. Families would bring their food and eat, it seems that they would only bring for themselves. While some families came without, others would indulge themselves. Paul says this is not the purpose of the Lord’s Supper. Instead, the Lord’s Supper is a time of reflection and pronouncement. First, it is a pronouncement of the Gospel. Some traditions teach that when you celebrate the Lord’s Supper, you are crucifying Christ and paying for your sins. I find no evidence in scripture to support this position. Instead, we see that the Lord’s Supper is a pronouncement of the Gospel. When you take Lord’s Supper or Communion, you are proclaiming the death and resurrection of Christ. Secondly, it is a time of reflection and repentance. Communion is not to be taken lightly. This is a time of deep soul searching and repentance. Paul proclaims some of you are sick and dying because you take this lightly. You’ve drunk the wrath of God upon yourself. As followers of Jesus, we must take communion with a humble and repentant heart. So the next time you make it, remember, you are proclaiming the goodness of Christ, repent of sin, and thank the Lord for what He has done.


4. Different Gifts, Same God (1-11). The point of this text is not to point out gifts. Instead, the point of this text is to point to the giver of the gifts. The giver of the gifts is the Lord. While we have different gifts that the Lord has given us, it is the Lord that gives those gifts. In the next section, we are going to go into the purpose, but you are not given the gifts for your own benefit.


5. Different Gifts, One Body (12-30). I’ve been pushing for a while that the church is not our building. Our building is not a living and breathing thing. During this entire pandemic, the building has not reached out to you, it has not prayed for you, it has done nothing for you. It has proven one thing, it is not the church, the people are. The purpose of our gifts is to build one another up, to encourage, love, rebuke, and teach one another. Your gift is to help someone love Jesus more. When you think of the church, we must think of people. When you think of your gifting, you must think of how are you building the body with it?


I am praying for you. It has been wonderful to go through our database of families and pray for each one of you.
Pastor Aaron


Daily Devotion- 1 Corinthians 10

Continuing 1 Corinthians.

The church in Corinth is one that has a unique story. I pray that you are encouraged through this journey. I want to give you a few encouraging points from these chapters.


Read: 1 Corinthians 10

In chapter 10, Paul gives many references to the Old Testament. He refers to the ones that were with Moses in the desert. There are some great truths for us to take from this chapter.


1. Example of Old (1-13). The people of God had been set free from the bondage of slavery in Egypt. They followed Moses, and they experienced the work of God first hand. Yet, they did not obey the Lord. Instead, they continued to fall into idolatry over and over. Because of this failure, they did not see the promised land. We must learn from their example. We must not fall into sexual sin, we must not fall into idolatry. Friends, we always fall into sin. We are people that have experienced the great love and mercy of Christ, and yet, we continually fall back into our sin. We must understand that God is faithful to us. Paul writes, no temptation that we face is new, God provides a way out of this temptation. The Lord is faithful.


2. Flee From Idolatry (14-22). To flee, to run, to do whatever it takes to escape. This is what Paul tells us to do. Run from idols! We often think that we can face temptation and overcome it. This is foolish! Run from them! We have instead taken part in Christ. To take part in Christ is to partake of His suffering, His covenant. Food sacrificed to idols is not food sacrificed to God. Instead, it is food sacrificed to the demons. This is yet another subject that is common amongst the people in Corinth. For us today, let us think about what is idolatry today? How do we partake in idolatry? Where must we repent and flesh?


3. All for the glory of God (23-33). In this section, we see a famous passage. So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. This verse comes at the end of the restrictions of food. Paul is weighing what is beneficial to his walk with Christ. How we, too, must evaluate everything to our walk with Christ. Yes, we are able and free to do everything, yet is it beneficial to my walk with Christ? Is my participation causing me to trust Jesus more?


Friends, I am excited for our gathering this Sunday. I’ve longed to see you again!
Pastor Aaron

Daily Devotion- 1 Corinthians 9

Continuing 1 Corinthians.

The church in Corinth is one that has a unique story. I pray that you are encouraged through this journey. I want to give you a few encouraging points from these chapters.

Read: 1 Corinthians 9

In this letter, we see more and more the difficulty that Paul had with this church. He had to continually defend his position and his ministry. Despite this, Paul showed his unwavering love and passion for this church. As your pastor, I pray that my love for you would grow to be as Paul’s was for Corinth. I ask that you would pray for me to possess that love. That even amid frustrations and victories, my love would continue to grow.

1. Paul defends his ministry (9:1-14). Paul has already defended his position once. Knowing that in the church of Corinth, there were some that claimed to be “super-apostles.” Men that had specialized knowledge that the apostles did not possess. There was division in the church about which leader they would follow. Some followed Apollos, others Peter, and some Paul. Everyone likes their favorite. Here though Paul is defending his right to earn a living. The church in Corinth had bought into this idea that the apostles and spiritual leaders did not need to make a living; rather, just “trust the Lord to provide.” We see this in some churches today, they refuse to take care of their pastors. Pastors will go years without a raise, or they are forced to live at the poverty level without an opportunity for outside work. We know that this is not biblical, as Paul writes. Churches should love and take care of their pastors. 

2. Laying down his rights (9:15-27). Paul explains to them that he is laying down those rights. He had the right to request wages from them, yet he chooses not to. The reason, he knew that they would try and lord it over him. Instead, he wanted to be able to preach the Gospel without hindrance. That his only focus was making the name of Jesus known to all people, not to be hindered in his ministry by those who would hold him back. Paul also explains the mindset of his ministry, that he has become a servant of all. To the Jews, I became a Jew to win Jews. He was able to be who he needed to be to share the Gospel with them. This is a reminder to us that we should always be on the lookout of how we can present the Gospel. If you are like me, you run in many different circles, you have all types of friends. The way you share the Gospel with them will be different than another. 

Words of Encouragement:

A. Pray for your pastor. Pray that the church would bless him and his family. Pray that his ministry to the church would not be hindered. Pray that his love for the church would only grow and multiply. 

B. Pray for your ministry. Pray that you would serve the body of Christ well. Pray that you would love other members.

C. Pray for your lost sheep. Pray that they would come to know the love of Christ. 

D. Pray that God would open up His Word to you. Dive into it. 

I am thankful to serve you.

​Pastor Aaron 

Daily Devotion- 1 Corinthians 7-8

Continuing 1 Corinthians.

The church in Corinth is one that has a unique story. I pray that you are encouraged through this journey. I want to give you a few encouraging points from these chapters.

Read: 1 Corinthians 7-8

In chapters 7-8, Paul writes some remarkable truth for us. I pray that you are encouraged and convicted by these truths. Pray over these chapters as you seek to better understand them. Pray that God the Holy Spirit would illuminate these verses to you.

1. Marriage (7:1-16): Now, in these 16 verses are several different aspects of marriage and singleness. I do not attempt to write a full explication of all that Paul is writing about, nor do I claim to have all the answers on this subject. Instead, my hope is simply to give us thoughts to pray over, to apply, and also, in thoughts when raising children. 

A. Your body is not your own. We live in a world today that loves to say, “my body, my choice.” We know that according to scripture and logic, this is not a true statement. There are tons of choices that you can not make with your body. (On the subject of abortion, this will be discussed later, but it’s not your body, it’s God’s). In marriage, you are no longer two individuals, but one. You are to be considerate of one another. We are to serve one another in this manner. Paul writes that the wife has rights over the husband and vice versa. Our point being, we are to look to the interests of our spouse, ask yourself, how can I serve them today? 

B. Single or Married. Paul wishes that everyone would stay single. Being single has perks when it comes to fruitful ministry. I’ve discovered in a marriage that you are not as free to do things as you once could. I pray that you’ve found that too. Single people have more time to devote to the ministry and service of others. Though if you burn with passion for being married, then get married. In raising children, this means that we should be training our children how to be husbands and wives. We are raising them to become good moms and dads. This also means that you don’t hold them back from marriage when it’s time. Instead, encourage them to pursue the Lord, to prayerfully consider what to look for in a spouse, and teach them these things. 

C. Continue in marriage. I know this one is difficult. Divorce is prevalent in our culture today. Jesus says, and Paul echoes, you should remain married. I know some of you reading this will begin to say, “you don’t know my situation, or you don’t know my first husband.” The answer is, you’re right, I don’t. I do know what God’s Word says about the matter. That outside of adultery, abuse, and abandonment, we should not seek divorce. Even in those matters, it should never be the first response. As a pastor, when couples come to me and ask my advice on the subject, I tell them, I am always going to fight for the marriage to continue. So if you are currently in a rough spot in your marriage, get help, get counseling, don’t let it get to the point of making a decision that violates the Word.

2. Live as you are called (7:17-25). In reading this section of scripture, it is essential to understand the context in which this was written. First-century Rome was vastly different than 21st century America. When Paul writes, “remain as a servant,” this is vastly different than our thoughts of slavery. The point being is to focus on verse 17. Live the life that you are called. You are called to be someone, you. Don’t try to be someone you are not. The Lord saved you, He called you, He has a purpose for you. That purpose is not to be someone else, to try and fulfill another’s calling. So if the Lord has called you to be a behind the scenes individual, don’t try to become a preacher. Be who the Lord has called you to be and do it with all you are!

3. Marriage revisited (7:25-40): Are you married, seek to stay that way. If you are single and you do not burn with passion, do not seek a spouse; instead, continue in your service to the Lord. Our culture has made it seem that if you are not married or in a relationship, then you are a failure. This is simply not true. When you are married, some anxieties come with that. I love my wife and family to death, but I have to feed them, clothe them, etc. If it was just myself, I would only have to feed myself. When you have a family, there is more responsibility that takes away from serving the Lord. Now don’t misunderstand me, I absolutely adore and love my family. I seek to remain married to the same woman, raise our wonderful children, and preach the Gospel. The Lord has called me to be faithful to what He has given me. He is calling you to be faithful to the season of life that you are in, be faithful to your spouse, be faithful to your family, and serve the Lord. 

4. Food to idols (8:1-13): Just last week, we dove into this subject. I refer back to our study of Romans. Paul says that food sacrificed to idols is of no sacrifice. Why? Because the idols are not real. Therefore, if you have this knowledge, eat and be merry. But if you are eating with someone that takes great offense to this, knowledge is nothing in comparison to love. This is our true calling as brothers and sisters. That we love one another in our weaknesses. 

Friends, I pray that God speaks to you during these thoughts. Let the Lord use His Word to mold you and shape you. Encourage one another as long as it is today.

​Pastor Aaron

Daily Devotion- 1 Corinthians 3-4

Continuing 1 Corinthians.

The church in Corinth is one that has a unique story. I pray that you are encouraged through this journey. I want to give you a few encouraging points from these chapters.

Read: 1 Corinthians 3-4

During the weekend devotions, I will be making changes. I want to put a lot of detail into these emails for you; therefore, on the weekends, I will give you a simple encouraging thought. Thank you for your understanding.


1 Corinthians 3:6, “I planted, Apollos watered, “but God gave the growth.”


Our hope in this world is the good news of Jesus Christ. We must be people that are willing to sew the seed of the Gospel. That is our responsibility, the growth is up to the Lord. This gives me tremendous hope in my witness. I pray that God would use me to take part in people coming to know Christ, but in it, I may be a planter. The point being, I just want to be part.


I hope that you have a great weekend! Join us tomorrow on Facebook.com/SBCKY at 10AM! 


Pastor Aaron

Daily Devotion- 1 Corinthians 1-2

We now begin Corinthians.

The church in Corinth is one that has a unique story. I pray that you are encouraged through this journey. I want to give you a few encouraging points from these chapters.

Read: 1 Corinthians 1-2


1. God isn’t finished with you. Paul begins the letter with an introduction of himself. If you know anything about the church in Corinth, you know that they lived deep in sin. Paul starts by giving them a compliment to yet remind them of what the Lord is doing in their lives. “to those sanctified in Christ Jesus.” Friends, remember that God is working in you to make you like Christ. You are in this process of sanctification. No matter what you’ve done, the Lord is still working in you.


2. No Divisions among you. Paul appeals to the church to have a unified mind. Friends, this is the appeal of every pastor to their church. Let us be unified. Why? The unified church is the most dangerous church to the gates of hell. Also, the unified church is a church that is more generous, more loving, and more hopeful. Let us be unified in what the Lord is doing in SBC.


3. Seek Wisdom. It is the Lord that imparts wisdom. It is the Lord that guides us. It is through the Word of the Lord that we gain this wisdom. As you know, wisdom is entirely different from knowledge. Knowledge comes from man, wisdom comes from the Lord. Seek wisdom by seeking the Word of God. Friends, I pray that you continue to be encouraged through the Word. I pray that God’s Word leads you to repentance and faith.


Praying for you!

Daily Devotion- Romans 16

Example of Christ.

Let us continue our journey through the book of Romans. I want to thank you for the significant and positive response to our study. I pray that these emails are beneficial to your walk with the Lord and help you on your journey.

Read: Romans 15

The most excellent example that we seek to imitate is Christ. As believers, we know that God is conforming to His image. This is a fantastic truth that we cling to. So let’s dive into Romans and see what the Lord has in store for us today.


1. Build them up (1-2). Yesterday’s reading, we saw that we are to not make our brothers stumble. I know I’ve heard from folks before, “it’s not my problem.” Paul explains that we have an obligation to bear the burdens of the weak. We do not say, “it’s not my problem,” instead, we take the burden upon ourselves. The reason why?


2. The Example of the Lord (3-4). In the 90’s, WWJD bracelets became a major movement. The question of what would Jesus do was upon many teens. For many Christians, we often don’t like to spend much time thinking about Christ as our example. It is usually with more liberal theology that the focus is on Christ as the example. Paul, however, associates the work of Christ with our response to one another. That we take the reproach of others upon ourselves, so you have the opportunity to ask the question, will I be selfish or selfless.


3. Pray for Unity (5-7). A theme that is found throughout much of the New Testament is unity. In Jesus’ prayer in John 17, He prays for unity amongst His followers. Where does this unity come from? In accord with Christ Jesus, that as brothers and sisters in Christ, we would bring glory to God by our unity. I’ve said it to you numerous times; a unified church is a dangerous church to the gates of Hell. During this time that we face, we long to be together again. I pray that the desire to spur our desire for unity together. To make the name of Jesus known and to love one another all the more!


4. Christ the great hope (8-13). Christ, once again our example, He became the servant of the Jews to show God’s truthfulness in His promises. These are the promises that Christ would be a blessing to the Gentiles. He would be the fulfillment of the promises that the Gentiles would be blessed by. We know this because we are singing that blessing! We are rejoicing in the great hope of Christ, our great example.


5. Encouragement to continue trusting in the Lord (14-21). Paul says that he is satisfied with the Roman church. He is filled with joy because of their knowledge of the Lord and their abilities to encourage one another. The things that He confronted them about was to remind them of the great hope that they had. This teaching and encouragement that he gave them were not of himself. Instead, it was of the Lord. Paul goes on to explain his burden for what he is called to do. That his hope is to see the Gentiles come to obedience of the Word of God, friends, let us be joyous that Christ called Paul to proclaim the Gospel to the Gentiles.


6. Longing to see you (22-33). In the closing of this chapter, Paul tells them of his great hope to see them. Friends, I want to let you know that I long to be with you again. The end of this chapter makes me long for our fellowship together. That we would mutually encourage one another in the Lord, friends, I pray that you are encouraged by the truth.


Pastor Aaron