Daily Devotion- Hebrews 10

Hebrews 10

Let us look together at the Word. The Word is our source of life, our source of hope, and our source of connection to the Lord.

Read: Hebrews 10

I love the book of Hebrews. In this book, there is so much meat to chew on. I pray that you are encouraged by this book.

1. Sanctified through the body of Christ. One thing that is evident in our nation today is the process of sanctification. Churches all around the country are being sanctified and at a rapid pace. For the longest time, we’ve been able to skirt around issues and go business as normal. We’ve been able to be “happy” in our traditions and ways. All of those have been removed. In a moment’s notice, everything was taken away. Color carpet, paint, furniture, music preferences, curriculum preferences, etc., have all been pushed aside. Now we are looking at the other side of this, and we must look to scripture and ask, what is it that is truly important? For that, I’ve found answers in Acts 2. The Word first, prayers, communion, fellowship, and love for each other. These are the things that we are called to do. God has been working to purify His church during this time. Let’s make sure that we learn from this. Let us be unified on this. For as we know, nothing else will stand up. 

2. Great Faith. In the close of this chapter, there is a hard truth to hold onto. I am not going to spend a great deal of time diving into, but I want you to draw out two applications. First, great faith. As believers, our faith is in someone that we do not see. It is not blind faith. We know from historical accounts, Jesus really existed, we know from historical accounts, Jesus really died, and we know from historical accounts, Jesus rose. We still have to have faith in Him. He is who He said He is. Secondly, we must cling to Him and run from sin. In our current situation, it is easy to run to sin. Many have completely “checked out.” They do not seek community with one another; they do not seek the Word. Friends, I pray that if you are one of those, repent. You are not doing what God called you to do. Turn to Christ, call a brother, seek community. The Bible does not speak well of those who deliberately seek sin. I say this out of love and concern for many. I say this out of pastoral affection for you. Turn to Christ, love the brotherhood, run from sin.

​Pastor Aaron

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