Daily Devotion- 1 Timothy 4-6

To Timothy!

These past few days have been days we will remember. From COVID-19, job loss reports, rioting, and more, it seems like the news is filled with all bad news. I pray that you will turn the TV off. Take time today, and go to God’s Word. Also, make sure that you watch tonight at 6 PM our Virtual VBS! Get on there and make sure that you are communicating with us through our Facebook!

Read: 1 Timothy 4-6

Timothy was the spiritual child of Paul. Paul loved Timothy; he poured into him; he taught him; he encouraged him. The relationship with Paul and Timothy is one that all believers should seek to imitate in a mentoring relationship. Let us learn from Paul’s letter to Timothy. 

1. Some will depart. This is nothing new to us. We know that there are people that claimed to be of us, and yet, they never were. We should not be surprised, yet we should weep. As followers of the Lord Jesus, our lives should be reflective of that manner. I know that through this pandemic, now our country in turmoil, I’ve wondered what the church in America would look like. It will not look the same. I firmly believe that there is good in that statement and uncertainty. One thing, we will know who is of us. Let us pray for one another; let us pray for our people.

2. Honor one another. Paul gives instructions to Timothy on how the church is to honor one another. That the church is to take care of widows, to honor the senior saints, and to honor and respect your pastor. And to let your love shine forth on one another. I pray that we would take up this truth. Let us honor one another, love one another, and show grace.

3. Keep Fighting. If anything should encourage you today, it’s this, keep pursuing righteousness. I have to plead with you, do not allow your political affiliation, family tradition, anything, come in the way of your pursuit of the Lord. Your love of God should not be subject to those matters; those matters are subject to your love of the Lord. I pray that we keep pushing forward in our love for the Lord and one another.

I am praying for you. Join us for VBS tonight!

Pastor Aaron

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