Daily Devotion- 1 Timothy 1-3

To Timothy!

These past few days have been days we will remember. From COVID-19, job loss reports, rioting, and more, it seems like the news is filled with all bad news. I pray that you will turn the TV off. Take time today, and go to God’s Word. Also, make sure that you watch tonight at 6 PM our Virtual VBS! Get on there and make sure that you are communicating with us through our Facebook!

Read: 1 Timothy 1-3

Timothy was the spiritual child of Paul. Paul loved Timothy; he poured into him; he taught him; he encouraged him. The relationship with Paul and Timothy is one that all believers should seek to imitate in a mentoring relationship. Let us learn from Paul’s letter to Timothy. 

1. Know and Guard the truth. One of the primary roles of the pastor is to guard the truth. That he would know the truth and protect the church from being infiltrated with false teaching, as you pastor, I take this role seriously. I aim to study God’s Word, to know the truth, and to guide our church to know and understand it. Thank you for your prayers in this matter.

2. Pray for people. We should be a people of prayer. What more evident than now. We live in a day that is unique to our history. No one would have predicted what we’ve faced this year. I know that it has caused high anxiety. I can tell you, as your pastor, I have struggled with every decision. I have struggled with am I doing a good job, where am I failing, I need your prayers. One thing that I do daily go through our membership role and pray for you. If I have failed to contact you, I am praying for you. I love you and miss you dearly. Pray for one another.

3. Are you qualified? Paul writes what the qualifications are for elders. To be an elder/pastor is a noble task. It is one that should not be taken lightly. Deacon, a servant, has high standards as well. As followers of Jesus, every one of us, should seek to live out these standards. Where do you fall short? Where do you need to repent?

Pastor Aaron

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