Daily Devotion- 2 Thessalonians

Do not grow weary!

These past few days have been days we will remember. From COVID-19, job loss reports, rioting, and more, it seems like the news is filled with all bad news. I pray that you will turn the TV off. Take time today, and go to God’s Word. Also, make sure that you watch tonight at 6 PM our Virtual VBS! Get on there and make sure that you are communicating with us through our Facebook!

Read: 2 Thessalonians 

Paul writes this letter and the next to a church in Thessalonica. This church is primarily gentile, they are new believers, and Paul hopes to give them encouragement to godly living and Christian Doctrine. 

1. Vengeance belongs to the Lord. For generations, Christians have suffered at the hands of many governments. Injustice has been the predominant action of the world. Today, on the news, you see several different things going on. I want you to know; this is not political; I pray this is biblical. First, the officer that killed Mr. Floyd is a murderer. He deserves to be punished for the crime. Scripture tells us that God has given the government the sword to punish crime. Second, to protest is good. To stand for justice is good. Thirdly, to riot and loot is evil. To protest is an act of love, to riot is an act of vengeance. Vengeance belongs to the Lord. You and I are just as guilty before a Holy God is that police officer that murdered that man. You and I are just as guilty as those who rob and loot those stores before a Holy God. We all have in common that we are in desperate need of the Gospel. We need Christ! Before you pass judgment, before you repay vengeance, remember that you are guilty before a Holy God. You only have forgiveness because of the Love of Christ. 

2. Stand Firm in the Truth. Friends, it is not popular to stand for the truth. People on political sides will twist it for their wants. Scripture does not take a political stance; it takes a Godly one—stands firm under the Word of the Lord. You are not called to a political party; you are called to a Kingdom. I pray as we see our country ravaged and tearing at one another, let us be people of desperate prayer. Pray for your president, pray for your governor, your mayors, your police, pray for justice, pray for peace, pray for revival, pray for healing. 

3. Do not grow weary. Keep pressing forward in the truth. Keep pressing forward in the Word of God. Share with people the hope of the Gospel. Friends, I know that it is difficult, I know that times are uncertain, but I know that God is drawing people to Himself. Times like this make it hard to push forward. Times like this make it easy to want to give up. Friends, keep pressing towards the Lord. He is coming soon. 

​Pastor Aaron

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