Daily Devotion- Philippians 3-4

Do not be anxious

The past few weeks have caused great anxiety—the uncertainty of job loss, economic downturns, and the virus itself. Again remember, Paul is in prison; he writes from a jail cell.

Read: Philippians 3-4

1. Nothing else matters. Paul writes to the church, telling them to rejoice in the Lord. Why are we to rejoice in the Lord? Paul writes, not to rejoice in anything else. Though he is a Jew of Jews. He had followed the law; he was born into the right family, yet, none of that mattered. None of that gained him favor with God. Friends, let us not rejoice in the fact that we may be born into a Christian family, or born in the United States. While we can be thankful, we do not rejoice in that; we rejoice in the fact that we’ve been born again! That we are in God’s family.


2. Push forward. What is your end goal? What are you trying to attain? A level of wealth? Comfort? What is the final prize? I’ve been able to perform lots of funerals. One thing I’ve not seen yet was a Uhaul being pulled behind the hearse. Our award is Christ! Let our lives be seeking the grand prize of pleasing the Lord.


3. Be content. In all things, Paul says that he has found contentment. Friends, that is the hope we have. That when we trust in Christ, we can face trials, we can face uncertainty; we can meet all things in our faith in Christ! Let us rejoice in that. Let us rejoice in the certainty that we are known!


I am thankful for you.


​Pastor Aaron


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