Daily Devotion- Ephesians 5-6

Who are you imitating? 

These two chapters of Ephesians are genuinely encouraging and convicting. I pray that the Lord spoke to you as He did me.

Read: Ephesians 5-6

By the way, I am so thankful for those of you who respond and let me know how the Lord is using these devotions in your life. I truly enjoyed your insights! 

1. Be Imitators of God. When I read this verse, I was truly taken back. I’ve read this book numerous times. I’ve read this chapter more times than I can count. Never have I been struck by this verse like I was today. Please look at this verse and think of the weight of that statement. Imitate God! What does that mean? Begin by thinking about the character of God. Loving, patient, kind, gracious, kind, generous, and more traits that wreck me. During this Covid-19 pandemic, the church has been shown that so many things that we cling to in the church, don’t matter. Buildings don’t matter, I know that may offend some, but the reality is this, the building doesn’t care about you, it doesn’t pray for you, it does nothing for you. We did learn that the church is a people. We learned that the Word is essential. We learned that we long for fellowship. These are the essentials. Yet, over the past few weeks, political garbage is showing it’s ugly head. Something that should bring unity, Satan is using for his wants. This is where it hit me, have you been an imitator of God or of your favorite political leader? Does your heart and mind look more like Jesus or Donald Trump, or Andy Beshear, or whatever name? This hit me like a ton of bricks, who am I trying to imitate? If it isn’t Christ, it’s worthless. I pray that you would repent as I have, turn to be more like Christ. 

2. Your actions will show. How do you know, your actions will begin to show it. If you genuinely seek to be more like Christ, your actions will show it. Our language will change, our discussions will change, everything will change; when you seek to become more like Christ. 

3. Are you sacrificial? Husbands and wives are called to tremendous sacrifice for one another. As a husband, I have failed my wife so many times in this. I have been selfish; I have sought my own needs and not my wife’s. That is not Christ-like. As a husband, I am to serve and love my wife the way that Christ loved the church. He died for her. Friends, let that sink in. 

As you read these chapters, you will see, as I did, so much comes from seeking to imitate God. Where are you falling short? Where do you need to repent? Do it today. 

​Pastor Aaron

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