Daily Devotion- Ephesians 3-4

Happy Tuesday.

I hope that you had a truly relaxing weekend. I hope that you enjoyed the time with your family and friends. The Lord has been so good to our church, today I spoke with a pastor in Tennessee that lost four folks from his church due to Covid-19, and more in the hospital now. I know that our community has not experienced the trials that others have; let us continue to pray for them; let us continue to be safe.

Read: Ephesians 3-4

I wanted to make a few changes to how I do these devotions. I hope to give you some challenges from our reading. I would love to also hear from you; I would love to hear your insights.

1. We are fellow heirs. This is something I am so thankful for. We are fellow heirs to the kingdom through Christ. The Lord has grafted us into the branch that we are not naturally part of. 

2. Are you praying? During this time, has your prayer life grown or diminished? A new study came out recently about believers during this pandemic. A few things were great, a few not so great. One was that 40% of church members said that they watched their church service online. That’s great! Another said that 72% said they had a renewed love for the body of believers! The sad statistic to me was that 50% reported a decline in their prayer life. Friends, I pray that is not the case for you. Are you praying?

3. Are you walking with the Lord? We are to no longer walk as Gentiles do; rather, we are to walk as people who’ve been changed by the Lord. Have you been moved by Him? Have you been changed by Him? Let me ask, how is your daily walk with the Lord through His Word? If you are walking with Him, you will notice other aspects of your life change. You will see how He molds you and shapes you. Friends, I pray that the Lord is molding you, conforming you to His image.

Let me know how the Lord is speaking to you.

​Pastor Aaron

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