Daily Devotion- 2 Corinthians 12-13

Concluding 2 Corinthians.

Today we conclude 2 Corinthians. I pray that this has encouraged you through your walk. I am thankful that you’ve taken the time to read these, pray through them, and apply them to your life.

Read: 2 Corinthians 12-13

In the final chapters, Paul concludes with some final warnings for the church to heed. As believers, we aim to walk a walk of righteousness. Our aim is to please the Lord, love our neighbor, and give God the Glory. Let these final chapters be a strong encouragement to us today.

1. My Grace is sufficient (1-10). Paul writes of a significant thorn in his side. A messenger of Satan to distract him from the ministry that he’s called to. He pleaded with the Lord to remove that hindrance, the Lord replies, my Grace is sufficient. We do not know what Paul’s hindrance was, we do know that it turned out to be for his good. Friends, do we look at our hindrances in that manner? When we have something that seems to be holding us back, something that seems to keep us from being the best we can be, is it for our own good? If that hindrance was removed, would you depend on the Lord more or less? I pray for the Lord to remove and add things to me every day, I pray that He will supply everything I need. I pray that I will grow, repent, and become more like Christ. He is working in and through me. Praise God all the more today!

2. Concern for Corinth (11-21). The church of Corinth has a pretty rough past. Paul writes to them about their lack of trust in him. They continue to live their lives in a state of un-repentance. They continue to pursue worldly things and refuse the way of the Lord. This is the concern of every pastor and his church. His heart aches over those who continue to live in unrepentant sin. They are blinded or fully convinced that they are not in sin. I hear the heart of Paul in this, how he is pleading for his people to turn from their sin. He is pleading with them to listen to his previous warnings, rather than hearing, that they’ve continued to do what they wanted to do. They have not listened to the godly wisdom of Paul. Friends, when God’s Word is presented to you when He points our your sin, it is our responsibility to repent.

3. Paul’s Final Warnings (Chapter 13). There is a part of this that I’ve sought to live out in my ministry and life. Paul writes to them, examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. As believers, we must always be testing ourselves and our genuineness of faith. There are several identifiers of someone who is a believer.


A. Repentant of sin. When’s the last time that you repented of sin? When’s the last time you confessed to someone that you are wrong? The heart of a believer will be genuine in his confession. If you find yourself always having to be right if you find yourself believing that everyone else needs to listen to you, search yourself.


B. Love for the body. Do you love other members of the body? Do you sacrifice on their behalf? Do you miss them? Are you showing other believers your love for them? If not, I dare say, you might not be part of the body. I know this may seem harsh, but we are a body, saved into a body, let our love for one another shine forth.


C. Love for the Lord. Lastly, and most importantly, does your love for the Lord grow? Is your heart stirred towards Him? When the scripture convicts you, do you listen? These are traits of someone who is a follower of Jesus. Friends, I pray that we all let the Word of God draw our hearts to Him.

Pastor Aaron

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