Daily Devotion- 2 Corinthians 8-11

Continuing 2 Corinthians.

We are continuing to look at Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth. I pray that you are encouraged by these chapters.


Read: 2 Corinthians 8-11

In these few chapters, Paul is encouraging them to continue to be faithful. During this time, it reveals our following of Jesus is, are we faithful?


1. Be A Faithful Giver (1-15). As believers in Christ, one aspect that should be well known is our generosity. We are to be generous to the Lord, to others, and not just with our finances. The Lord is the one that blesses us with these things, that we may be generous to others. A way that we can tell the heart of someone is through our generosity to others.


2. Celebrate Titus (16-24). Titus was a well-known pastor. He loved the church, he loved Paul. Paul is commending him to the church in Corinth. That they are to receive him well, to encourage him, to love him, and to hear what the Lord has to say through him. As a church, we are to celebrate and encourage our leaders. Let us come alongside them, let us encourage them, let us look to them. I know I am thankful for our deacons, and I am thankful for spiritual leaders that have poured into me. I pray that I would pour well into others.


3. Cheerful Givers (Chapter 9). Paul is still continuing to talk with them about their giving. I know that many think that the church is only about money, this is simply a false assertion. Why? Because we are about your heart and relationship with the Lord. Often, what flows from your love for the Lord is your giving to the local church. Paul is echoing this truth to the church.


4. Paul Defends His ministry and Sufferings (Chapter 10-11). In these next few chapters, we see Paul write about his calling as an apostle. For many, they still struggled that he was not an eye witness to Christ. They listened to those who claimed to have superior knowledge. As a pastor, one of my jobs is to protect the church from false teachers. This is why I am very defensive about who I let preach to our congregation. If I do not know someone well, I do not want them to have a platform to teach. The teaching to the church must be biblically sound. It must be from the scriptures, soaked in scriptures, and expound God’s word to us. Friends, let us pray that God’s Word would be the light to our feet, the path of our church. Amen!


Pastor Aaorn

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