Daily Devotion- 2 Corinthians 5-6

Continuing 2 Corinthians.

We are continuing to look at Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth. I pray that you are encouraged by these chapters.

Read: 2 Corinthians 5-6

One thing that has become abundantly clear is, our world is broken. We’ve seen a pandemic, political corruption, job loss, and countless other things. All of this should cause us to long for redemption, long for Heaven. Let us look at God’s Word together.

1. Longing for Renewal (5:1-10). To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, Amen! Paul writes to us that our earthly bodies are longing for renewal, they are longing for redemption. It is painfully obvious that when you begin to age, your body breaks down. When you start to age, your body reveals to you that it will not last forever. Every ache and pain should lead us to long for our heavenly home. Because of this truth, we should take great courage. When you feel that pain, you should take courage that the Lord has prepared a place for you. That we should seek to live our lives holy and upright. Our living should be to please the Lord. 

2. Ministry of Reconciliation (5:11-21). In this section, one of my favorite scriptures is written. We see Paul again appealing to his readers to understand his purpose. To begin to think about their lives and purpose differently. That they should no longer look at each other through the lens of the world, instead, look at one another through the lens of Christ. In verse 16, we are told that we regard no one according to the flesh, why? We are no longer of the flesh. If you are in Christ, you are a new creation! AMEN! We’ve been reconciled to God, we’ve been made new, and because of this, we have a mission. Because you are a new creation, you have a job to do. You are a representative of Christ. 

3. Today is the day of Salvation (6:1-13). We live in unprecedented times. As I said earlier, pandemic, etc. But today is the day of Salvation. Our aim is to proclaim the goodness of Christ to the world. We will allow nothing to stop the mission of God. Just because we can’t meet in a building, just because we can’t do the things that we typically want to do, does not mean the mission is on hold. Friends, we should still be sharing the Gospel. We have the opportunity like never before. Let us not lose sight of this. Many are so upset because they can’t sit in their favorite pew, they’ve forgotten that the church is not about a building. That building won’t save you. That building won’t pray for you. That building has not missed you. The church is the people of God sent on mission. Let us be free in sharing that good news.

4. You are the Temple (6:14-18). This section should be very encouraging and challenging for us. In the Old Testament, the Temple was a highly respected and revered place. In this place, it was believed that the presence of the Lord dwelled. Men died when they approached the Temple in a disrespectful manner. If you were outside the Temple and you were worshipping, if someone came up to it with a sledgehammer, you would probably step back from them, waiting for the Lord to strike them down. Your body is that Temple. You are a dwelling place for the Lord. Therefore, why would you defile yourself with ungodly things? Live like you believe that the Lord is in you. 

Friends, it was so amazing to worship with you yesterday. Look for further emails to discuss what the future holds! 

​Pastor Aaron

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