Daily Devotion- 1 Corinthians 10

Continuing 1 Corinthians.

The church in Corinth is one that has a unique story. I pray that you are encouraged through this journey. I want to give you a few encouraging points from these chapters.


Read: 1 Corinthians 10

In chapter 10, Paul gives many references to the Old Testament. He refers to the ones that were with Moses in the desert. There are some great truths for us to take from this chapter.


1. Example of Old (1-13). The people of God had been set free from the bondage of slavery in Egypt. They followed Moses, and they experienced the work of God first hand. Yet, they did not obey the Lord. Instead, they continued to fall into idolatry over and over. Because of this failure, they did not see the promised land. We must learn from their example. We must not fall into sexual sin, we must not fall into idolatry. Friends, we always fall into sin. We are people that have experienced the great love and mercy of Christ, and yet, we continually fall back into our sin. We must understand that God is faithful to us. Paul writes, no temptation that we face is new, God provides a way out of this temptation. The Lord is faithful.


2. Flee From Idolatry (14-22). To flee, to run, to do whatever it takes to escape. This is what Paul tells us to do. Run from idols! We often think that we can face temptation and overcome it. This is foolish! Run from them! We have instead taken part in Christ. To take part in Christ is to partake of His suffering, His covenant. Food sacrificed to idols is not food sacrificed to God. Instead, it is food sacrificed to the demons. This is yet another subject that is common amongst the people in Corinth. For us today, let us think about what is idolatry today? How do we partake in idolatry? Where must we repent and flesh?


3. All for the glory of God (23-33). In this section, we see a famous passage. So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. This verse comes at the end of the restrictions of food. Paul is weighing what is beneficial to his walk with Christ. How we, too, must evaluate everything to our walk with Christ. Yes, we are able and free to do everything, yet is it beneficial to my walk with Christ? Is my participation causing me to trust Jesus more?


Friends, I am excited for our gathering this Sunday. I’ve longed to see you again!
Pastor Aaron

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