Daily Devotion- Romans 16

Example of Christ.

Let us continue our journey through the book of Romans. I want to thank you for the significant and positive response to our study. I pray that these emails are beneficial to your walk with the Lord and help you on your journey.

Read: Romans 15

The most excellent example that we seek to imitate is Christ. As believers, we know that God is conforming to His image. This is a fantastic truth that we cling to. So let’s dive into Romans and see what the Lord has in store for us today.


1. Build them up (1-2). Yesterday’s reading, we saw that we are to not make our brothers stumble. I know I’ve heard from folks before, “it’s not my problem.” Paul explains that we have an obligation to bear the burdens of the weak. We do not say, “it’s not my problem,” instead, we take the burden upon ourselves. The reason why?


2. The Example of the Lord (3-4). In the 90’s, WWJD bracelets became a major movement. The question of what would Jesus do was upon many teens. For many Christians, we often don’t like to spend much time thinking about Christ as our example. It is usually with more liberal theology that the focus is on Christ as the example. Paul, however, associates the work of Christ with our response to one another. That we take the reproach of others upon ourselves, so you have the opportunity to ask the question, will I be selfish or selfless.


3. Pray for Unity (5-7). A theme that is found throughout much of the New Testament is unity. In Jesus’ prayer in John 17, He prays for unity amongst His followers. Where does this unity come from? In accord with Christ Jesus, that as brothers and sisters in Christ, we would bring glory to God by our unity. I’ve said it to you numerous times; a unified church is a dangerous church to the gates of Hell. During this time that we face, we long to be together again. I pray that the desire to spur our desire for unity together. To make the name of Jesus known and to love one another all the more!


4. Christ the great hope (8-13). Christ, once again our example, He became the servant of the Jews to show God’s truthfulness in His promises. These are the promises that Christ would be a blessing to the Gentiles. He would be the fulfillment of the promises that the Gentiles would be blessed by. We know this because we are singing that blessing! We are rejoicing in the great hope of Christ, our great example.


5. Encouragement to continue trusting in the Lord (14-21). Paul says that he is satisfied with the Roman church. He is filled with joy because of their knowledge of the Lord and their abilities to encourage one another. The things that He confronted them about was to remind them of the great hope that they had. This teaching and encouragement that he gave them were not of himself. Instead, it was of the Lord. Paul goes on to explain his burden for what he is called to do. That his hope is to see the Gentiles come to obedience of the Word of God, friends, let us be joyous that Christ called Paul to proclaim the Gospel to the Gentiles.


6. Longing to see you (22-33). In the closing of this chapter, Paul tells them of his great hope to see them. Friends, I want to let you know that I long to be with you again. The end of this chapter makes me long for our fellowship together. That we would mutually encourage one another in the Lord, friends, I pray that you are encouraged by the truth.


Pastor Aaron

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