Daily Devotion

Happy Tuesday!

I hope that this email finds you well. I want to encourage you to press forward in following the Lord. Trust in Him during this time.


Read: Acts 28

In the final chapter of the book of Acts, we see Paul’s last recorded defense to the Jews. We know from church history that Paul would later be executed for the faith. He, along with many other followers of Jesus, would be murdered for their faith in Christ. Yet, they remained faithful to the Gospel. So what can we take from this chapter to encourage us in our walk with the Lord today?


1. Jesus, forgiveness is real. I know this may seem like a unique point for this chapter, but if someone is willing to be burned alive for the faith, or crucified, then we must know that Jesus’ love and forgiveness is real. Jesus really did die, Jesus really did take on your payment, Jesus really does offer forgiveness. You can take hope in the fact that you often take this for granted, that many died for this truth.


2. Jesus gave you a real mission. The book of Acts shows men and women that took the mission of God seriously. They knew that Christ had given them a mission to accomplish, and they were going to make sure that they did everything that they could to see to it. Every time I read the book of Acts, I am convicted by this point. We go day by day as if the Gospel is not of first importance. We live like everything can wait, yet the Gospel can not.


The question that we must continue to wrestle with, how can we be faithful to the Gospel during a pandemic, the virus does not stop the Gospel. Quarantine does not stop the Gospel. The question that we must ask, how do we creatively share it? This is one that you and I must wrestle with.


Pastor Aaron


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