Daily Devotion

Start your Monday off right!

I hope that this email finds you well. I want to encourage you to press forward in following the Lord. Trust in Him during this time.


Read Acts 27

In this chapter, we see Paul in action. We understand how he leads during the chaos. They are on a ship, and the storm is going to wreck them. Everyone on the boat was in great fear, and Paul led them during this time. Doesn’t it feel like the world is in a giant storm? People are looking to the government to lead, and they fall short. People are in great fear and anxiety. Now is the time for us believers to lead and show what it means to rely on God.


1. Paul prays. The first thing that we must be doing amid this storm is praying. You can’t lead people to the Lord if you are not communing with Him. Spend time in prayer. Take time to be with the Lord, seek Him, go to Him. Paul was in constant prayer with the Lord.


2. Paul Leads. During the chaos, Paul gives hope. Amid this storm, Paul points people to where they can find hope. The one that really can save them. Friends, that is what we do. We pray to Him; we read His Word, we find rest and hope in His reality, then we share the faith we have to others. We let them see where they can find rest amid a storm.


3. Paul Trusts. Not only did Paul talk the talk, but he also walked the walk. He believed that the Lord would keep him safe. He knew the Lord was going to protect Him. He knew that God was trustworthy. Then his life reflected it. Do people see you trusting in the Lord right now? Or do they see fear and panic? You can trust in the Lord and be wise. But as believers, we should not fear.


Take hope, my friends.


Pastor Aaron

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