Daily Devotion

It’s Sunday!

I hope that you can join us for Facebook live at facebook.com/SBCKY.

I pray that you are also encouraged by our daily reading.


Read Acts 26

Paul makes his defense before the king. In his defense, we see him do as he had done before. Paul shared his story. Not only does Paul share his story, but he makes sure to include the Gospel in his story. Many times I’ve heard people share their testimonies only to have Jesus be a small footnote. The point of sharing your story is to point to Christ, not ourselves. Let’s look at Paul for how we ought to share our story.


1. Who you were before Christ. Paul shares and even gets his persecutors to agree with him on his zeal for persecuting Christians. He shares his upbringing in the appropriate context. We should see that there are aspects of our story that we need to share, and there are other aspects that are not necessary to tell our story. Again, the point is not to make much of your past, but to make much of Jesus! Paul needed to share of his wretched past to make much of Christ.


2. How you met Christ. Paul shares about his encounter with Christ. How he was confronted with the truth of the Gospel, this is where you share the Gospel that you find hope in that you found hope in Jesus Christ alone. Through His death and resurrection. Which I must ask you, have you trusted in Christ? If not, repent of your sin and turn to Christ today!


3. How has Christ changed you? Now, Paul, the persecutor, is now sharing the story of the Gospel and being persecuted himself. He lives to make Christ known. The truth of the Gospel should change every aspect of your life. He makes alive what was once dead.


Friends, today is a great day to share your story with someone. Invite someone to watch service with you. Let people know of the hope you have.

Pastor Aaron

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