Light Shining

Luke 11:33-36
”No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light. Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light, but when it is bad, your body is full of darkness. Therefore be careful lest the light in you be darkness. If then your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, it will be wholly bright, as when a lamp with it’s rays gives light.”

A few things we can take from this passage.

1. What you take in comes out. What you constantly consume with your eyes is what comes out. If you are constantly consuming dark things, social media, etc., then those are the things that will come out of you. Many are often confused to why they feel depressed or angry, and yet the things they consume with their eyes are those things. There is a reason we have a church reading plan. If you consume God’s Word, if you read it daily, we know that you will be reveal godly things.

2. Shine your light. Recently my family decided to have a family candlelight dinner (pictured above). Our children were amazed at the amount of light that was put out by candles. We talked to them about how Jesus tells us to be a light in the world. The world is a dark place and is in desperate need of the light. How are you shining your light? How are you telling others about your hope?

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