Saved Church

Acts 2:42 “And they devoted themselves…”

Is church membership important? If so, what are characteristics?

In looking at the first church there are many characteristics that shine forth. Though one that seems to be taken for granted is their essential salvation. To be part of the church one must be saved. That is the first qualification. We see this in previous verses after Peter preaches a sermon where they were “cut to the heart.” Their response is trusting in Christ for salvation and following through with believers baptism. So what are a few things we must see in this for the church? What do church members look like in this?

1. They are saved. Again, this should be first, but as you will see in scripture, there are some that are removed from the fellowship and treated like outsiders. This is the same with today’s church. Do they bear fruit of salvation? Are they repentant?

2. They are active. In-active church member is a ignorant statement to me. Now before you get upset, I am not talking about physically home bound people. I am talking about the folks that show up once a year or every few years. They would still be considered members when they have no desire to be with the body. Church-less Christianity is not a thing of scripture.

3. The tested church. This again is the watching of their lives. Do we see a life of repentance? Do they share their faith? Are they being conformed into the image of Christ?

All of this is important when we think of the first church as well as current church. Church membership is important. Salvation is the first characteristic we will see.

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