His Fame

In our church reading plan we read Matthew 9 today. In one of the stories there were two blind men that came to Jesus and begged for mercy. Jesus entered into a house where he had a conversation with them about their faith in Him to heal them. Then according to their faith, Jesus healed them of their blindness. After their eyes were opened He told them not to tell anyone of what Jesus had just done, but like many who had experienced the grace of Jesus, they could not help it.

“But they went away and spread His fame through all the district.”

At first I read over this verse, but then it hit me. As believers we are people that were once dead and now made alive. We were once blind, but now we see. Yet, how are we spreading the fame of the one who gave us such sight? How are we telling of the life that has been given to us? We act as if no miracle has taken place in our lives. If we were to win a new car or gift a great gift, we are so quickly to tell everyone, but being brought from death to life? Friends, we must do better than this. We have a story to tell, a message to proclaim. How can we sit by and not proclaim of the glories of our wonderful savior? I challenge you, I challenge myself, make Him famous.

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