Ministry Depression

I was so hesitant to write this post. For so many pastors and Christians, this is a subject that so many do not want to talk about, or even acknowledge for that matter. Many pastors struggle with depression. But even the “greats” struggled with depression. Looking at the Psalms we can see that David battled with episodes of depression, Charles Spurgeon wrote about his battles with depression, it’s something we don’t want to talk about but must acknowledge. So where does it come from.

1. Feelings of Inadequacy. I put this at the top of the list because this is the one that I’ve wrestled with the most. It doesn’t matter how much you read, how much you try and grow win different areas of ministry, you will never “arrive”. When you feel like you are growing in your preaching capabilities, your counseling is not up to snuff.

2. Lack of results. 65% of churches are in decline. For those of us in revitalization efforts, it only gets worse before it gets better. When you look out in the crowd and it seems to get smaller and smaller. Despite your best effort, it seems like folks are not buying in, and no matter how many doors you knock on and how many folks you share the Gospel with, the baptism waters stay undisturbed.

3. Criticism. You have so many folks in your church with opinions. Pastors have folks that are behind them and others that seem to constantly criticize everything you do. This is something that is hurtful and hangs over your head. When you see them in worship it causes a fear and frustration in your heart.

As a pastor you may face this feeling. The worst thing that you can do is not talk to someone. Share with someone you can trust.

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