Gospel Conversations with your children

“Dad, why is the sky blue? Does chocolate milk come from brown cows? Why do I have to clean my room?” These are ordinary questions from both my six-year-old and my three-year-old. These questions are a young mind trying to wrestle with the reality around them. To make sense of a very complicated world in which we live in. These questions though are opportunities for parents to turn to the Gospel.


In Acts 17 we see a conversation with the Apostle Paul and the people of Athens. In this conversation he points out to them observations that he had made about their culture, one of which that they were very religious and that they worshiped multiple gods. One of those gods was a god that was unknown. Paul seizing the opportunity began to explain to them the God they sought to know but didn’t know. He reasoned with them through their understanding how Jesus was the one who brought redemption, that He was the creator of all things.


As parents it is our opportunity to take those opportunities to share with our children the story of Jesus. When speaking of creation, when you notice a beautiful flower, tie that conversation to the majesty and creation of the Lord. When you are doing the hard side of parenting and discipling your child, point them to the Cross of Jesus Christ, how He took our punishment of sin. These may seem like they will have no impact, but constant Gospel conversations will help your child seek to understand the true God. How He loves them and took their sin upon the cross. That He alone is God, He is Creator, they are creation made to worship Him.


I do not do this enough as a parent, nor any parent. This post is simply an encouragement to seek out these opportunities to have these Gospel conversations with your children. Point them to Jesus. Let them see the wonder and beauty of God’s creation.

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