Jesus: Holy God

In Acts 5 there is a story of a couple that come to give an offering to the Lord. Though they come and lie about the offering to the Apostles. Because of this mistake it cost them their life, not because they lied to men, but because they made a mockery of the Lord. They allowed their pride to overcome the holiness of the Lord in their lives. When they could have simply said we are giving a portion of the profit rather than the entire thing, since as Peter said to them, it was yours to do with as you pleased. Rather, they lied about the amount to be seen. Reading this story should remind us that first, God is Holy. When we sin, we do not offend men, rather we offend a Holy and Righteous God. David echoes this truth in Psalm 51 when he states, “Against You only have I sinned.” Sin is against a Holy God. Secondly, sin costs life. In Genesis when God tells Adam to not eat of the tree, He tells him that sin will ultimately cost him his life. Sin always cost something, someone has to pay, for believers, it cost Christ His life.


Application thoughts: How are you robbing the Lord of what you’ve promised? Do you think too lightly of your sin? Take this time to pray and repent as David did.

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